We want you to be part of the home-building process. You’re not just a client, you’re our project manager. We utilize communication tools such as BuilderTrend, phone calls and face-to-face meetings to always keep you in the loop every step of the way.  

Clients come to us because they know we listen. We’re passionate about the homes we create, and we’ll work with you. In the end, your house won’t look like every cookie cutter house in Oklahoma. It will reflect your unique style and personal taste, whether it's one of our designs, or an entirely new, custom-built home. Rather than raising prices for potential “upgrades” like many of our competitors, we’ll offer you a variety of quality options that fit within your budget. You’ll even have the opportunity to work with local interior designers to further map out your signature style. Coming home is the best part of the day, and we want you to always feel: It’s so good to be home!

Nathan & Laura


With over eleven years of project management experience in the construction industry, Nathan oversees and coordinates all projects for Harrison Kennedy Homes. His wife, Laura, has over ten years of experience in the accounting industry and provides accounting and financial expertise for Harrison Kennedy Homes.


After many years of traveling the world, living in West Africa and more recently Texas, Nathan and Laura moved to Edmond, Oklahoma, to pursue their dream careers: helping families build the homes they've always wanted. Their passion for innovative designs, quality workmanship and superior customer service drove them to found Harrison Kennedy Homes. They named their business after their two children, Harrison and Kennedy. Just as Nathan and Laura build a foundation for their children, they want to do the same for their clients with Harrison Kennedy Homes.

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211 N. Broadway

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